You will not imagine what you steal.. the story of 8 applications that Google advises to delete from your phone immediately

You will not imagine what you steal.. the story of 8 applications that Google advises to delete from your phone immediately
You will not imagine what you steal.. the story of 8 applications that Google advises to delete from your phone immediately

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You will not imagine what you steal .. The story of 8 applications that Google advises to delete from your phone immediately, today, Saturday, September 4, 2021 05:25 pm

Cyber ​​security experts have discovered 8 common applications on Android devices that hide dangerous and malicious programs for the Joker, and the Belgian police confirmed that Google recently deleted 8 applications from its “Google Play” store.

Apps advised by Google to delete

Google has warned users of these applications and stressed the need to delete them from their devices without delay, as all of these applications are believed to contain the Joker malware, which can install hidden spyware and premium dialers on devices, which can then enroll users in expensive monthly subscription plans. .

And the Belgian police said in a post on its website: “Warning, the Joker virus has returned to the Android environment,” and this malware was discovered in 8 applications from the “Google Play” store, which were pulled at the same time by the “Google” company, but if you If you already have any installed, remove it as soon as possible.

Some of these applications not only steal money, but also record calls and send text messages, copy contacts, even record audio, track phone location, delete files, uninstall or verify different applications, and access the WhatsApp database on an infected device, and delete all saved messages.

The applications that Google advised to delete were as follows:

– Auxiliary Message

The Android Auxiliary Message app developed by Russ Stark is a listed social networking application, the current version is 4 released on May 1, 2021 and according to Google Play, Auxiliary Message has achieved more than 10 thousand installs.

– Element Scanner

It is a document scanner application in which documents can be scanned and scanned into PDF format, so that you can fax, print or save them using cloud storage.

– Fast Magic SMS

It is the only SMS/MMS app with a modern delivery feature that works just like in popular instant messaging apps but without creating an account, it also has a fast and accurate typing indicator that shows you when your friends are texting you.

– Free CamScanner

It is a document scanner through which documents can be copied by a scanner and photographed in PDF format.

– Go Messages

It is one of the simple applications that Android users can install and download to send and receive SMS messages.

– Super Message

The application is used to send super messages that include any type of message sent to friends through the Super Messages application.

– Great SMS

It is an application used to send text and multimedia messages (SMS / MMS).

– Travel Wallpapers

It is an app for travel lovers as there are plenty of travel images to set as your phone wallpaper.

According to researchers at the cybersecurity company Quick Heal Security Lab, the Joker virus can access text messages, contacts and a lot of other information on smartphones, and like the previous variants, it can also subscribe to websites that offer paid services, which means that users risk an unexpected surprise. Sarah is at the end of the month when they get her credit card statement.

The Joker was first discovered in 2019, but recently made a dramatic comeback, and cybersecurity researchers recently revealed that they have seen a “huge increase” in apps that come infested with Joker malware, and phone security company Zimperium says it has seen more than 1,000 new Joker samples. Since its last report on the issue in 2020, the company warns that cyber thieves have routinely found new and unique ways to introduce this malware into official and unofficial app stores.

The Joker software infected nearly 17 applications that were installed more than 120,000 times from the Google Store, and these applications spread in a number of Arab countries, such as Egypt and Kuwait, during the past year.

And information security experts advised to protect devices from the threat of the virus, to verify the identity and credibility of the developer by searching next to the developer’s name for a blue tick given to trusted developers on the store.

And information security experts warned against downloading applications that do not show the blue tick next to the name of their developer, and installing unknown applications.

You should also review the permissions requested by the application well and do not install any application that requires more permissions than it needs to perform its work, or that requires permissions that may constitute a source of risk to your privacy and security.

You should also read reviews carefully to learn more about the application, try to search for reviews that deal with the topics of privacy and security, and do not download and install applications with negative reviews in terms of privacy and security.

And cyber security experts advised those who downloaded these applications to do a factory reset, as malware and spyware may hide themselves inside the operating system even after uninstalling the malicious application, and in some cases factory reset may not be enough.

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