Polygamy from Muhammad Abdo to Ali Gomaa

Polygamy from Muhammad Abdo to Ali Gomaa
Polygamy from Muhammad Abdo to Ali Gomaa

Sheikh Ali Gomaa’s last statement, in which he denounced and criticized polygamy, is considered a progressive statement in the midst of an environment of backwardness that overflows upon us every day from puritanical preachers who have followers in the millions. To document it, you must know what Sheikh Dr. said. Ali Gomaa said:

In terms of correcting concepts and establishing facts, we must know that Islam came to limit polygamy, and did not originally call for polygamy, as non-specialists think. On the authority of Salem, on the authority of his father, that Ghaylan bin Salamah Al-Thaqafi embraced Islam and had ten women under him. The Prophet said to him, The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “Choose four of them.” (Ahmad included it in his Musnad). From this hadith it appears to us that Islam stipulates a limitation of the large number of wives, and on the other hand, there is no command for the one who married one to marry another, because polygamy is not intended for itself, but the man remarries for reasons and public interests.

Did not respond polygamy in the Koran in isolation from its causes, God Almighty said: «If you fear not justly with the orphans Vankhawwa what women of your choice, two or three or four, the interpretation of the meaning or proprietary that slave women» (women: 3 Those who interpreted the noble verse, or studied it as a social human system, interpreted it in isolation from the main reason for which it was revealed, which is the existence of orphans and widows, as plurality was mentioned in conjunction with orphans, where they extracted the Almighty’s saying: Without the previous saying, which was formulated in the style of the conditional “And if you fear that you will not pay an installment in the orphans,” as well as without the following saying, which restricts that permissibility to justice, where he said: “If you fear that you will not be forgiven.”

And not Dr. Ali Gomaa is the first to say this. There is the venerable Sheikh Muhammad Abdo who said in his interpretation lessons, which were recorded in Al-Manar magazine: “Polygamy is absolutely forbidden when there is fear of injustice.” He also said: “Whoever contemplates the two verses (meaning in Surah Women) It is known that the permissibility of polygamy in Islam is a matter in which there is a severe restriction. One whose situation is not upright and there is no system in him, rather the man cooperates with his wives to spoil the house, as if each of them is the enemy of the other, then the children come to each other as an enemy, so the corruption of polygamy moves from individuals to homes, and from homes to the nation.” Muhammad Abduh moved In his opinion, a larger and more explicit step was taken when he permitted the legislator to stop polygamy, so he said: “As for the permissibility of revoking this habit, there is no doubt about it… because the condition for polygamy is the verification of justice, and this condition is inevitably missing. And when corruption prevails over the souls and it becomes more likely that men will not be fair in their wives, it is permissible for the ruler or the scholar. To prevent polygamy at all, taking into account the majority, and with men mistreating their wives at polygamy, and depriving them of their rights, the ruler and the one based on Sharia may prevent polygamy according to the prevailing corruption. The imam added another strong reason that no one before him had written about, which is the enmity between children of mothers of different consorts, and how this leads to grudges. Finally, the imam throws the fatwa the bomb in everyone’s face, saying: “It is permissible for husbands in general to marry more than one, except for necessity. It is proven by the judge, and there is no objection to that in religion at all, but what prevents this is only custom.”

The important thing is, can we move these illuminations from the stage of speech to the stage of law?!

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