Quick marriages aiming to escape… Reports reveal what happened in Kabul

Quick marriages aiming to escape… Reports reveal what happened in Kabul
Quick marriages aiming to escape… Reports reveal what happened in Kabul

A number of reports have spread recently, exposing the tragedies that happened in the vicinity of Kabul Airport against women and girls, who did not provide a way but sought to escape from the next hell of the Taliban.

US officials dealing with Afghan refugees recently warned the State Department of cases in which women and girls were forced to marry at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul, in order to secure their safe exit from the country.

Informed sources revealed that US officials concerned with dealing with Afghan refugees who recently arrived in the UAE wrote a diplomatic telegram on this issue, according to what CNN reported on Friday.

Sometimes they are forced to marry

The sources said that some Afghan women and girls residing in one of the evacuation centers in the Emirates reported that their families forced them to marry in the vicinity of Kabul Airport to men who had obtained an exit visa, so that he could leave the country.

Also, in some reported cases, families paid men eligible for eviction thousands of dollars to marry or pretend to be their husbands, with the sole aim of getting out of Afghanistan.

Afghan refugees (AFP)

It is still not clear how widespread this phenomenon is, according to the network.

Washington check

For his part, a US State Department spokesman said Friday that the department takes these allegations of human trafficking seriously and is committed to protecting vulnerable individuals globally.

He added that the department is coordinating across the US government and with local and international partners to detect potential cases of human trafficking among vulnerable Afghans at resettlement sites and protect identified victims.

Afghan refugees (AFP)

It is noteworthy that Washington relies on third countries as temporary stops before Afghans travel to the United States or other countries.

Once they reach those third countries, Afghans are processed and screened before continuing their journeys. Some travel to the United States, where officials use a series of military bases to house evacuees.

It is noteworthy that the last time the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, between 1996 and 2001, they closed girls’ schools and prevented women from working.

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