Morocco news today, “Oppo” is close to promoting the latest phone in Morocco

Morocco news today, “Oppo” is close to promoting the latest phone in Morocco
Morocco news today, “Oppo” is close to promoting the latest phone in Morocco

The global technology brand “OPPO” announced the upcoming launch of its new “Reno6 Z 5G” phone in Morocco this month; It is considered an “expert in taking portraits using artificial intelligence techniques”, as it is equipped with a package of industry-leading features, and it is the company’s first fifth-generation (5G) smartphone in the Kingdom.

A communication reached by Hespress indicated that in line with its mission to provide “technology to humanity, kindness to the world”, OPPO believes that the fifth generation will enable humanity to live an integrated life and gain all the benefits offered by a technology-based world.

The OPPO Reno6 Z 5G will be launched in Morocco on September 15th. The event will be hosted virtually on the official OPPO channel on Facebook and YouTube; In the presence of the star Hatem Amour at the ceremony.

The same statement stated, “It is time to express love, happiness and different feelings through distinguished technology and creativity, and the best way to do all this, in OPPO’s belief, is through taking portraits and shooting videos. Clearly in front of the world to see your face smiling at times and frowning at other times, sometimes full of laughter or tears at other times.”

The same source explained, “Photography not only helps us to preserve these precious moments, but also gives us the opportunity to immortalize them. Thus, the “OPPO Reno6 Z 5G” phone allows emotional self-realization, by displaying all the feelings in portraits taken by OPPO’s distinguished lens, to document our feelings, and walk us through the valley of memories.”

The Reno6 Z 5G is considered an expert in taking portraits using artificial intelligence techniques (AI Portrait Expert), as it is enhanced with a huge number of features that enable it to achieve amazing portraits, whether video or photo, of great clarity and clarity. He pointed out that “these features and functions will allow users to capture life’s precious moments in a professional and artistic way, helping them to preserve precious fragments of their lives, memories and feelings in unique and beautiful garments.”

The company confirmed that “the design of the Reno series of phones produced by OPPO is in itself part of the identity of the brand, because it is a reflection of its style and taste, and added that the “OPPO Reno6 Z 5G” phone comes in two new very beautiful colors, accompanied by the effect of glare. Reno Glow, available exclusively at OPPO, is Aurora and Stellar Black, with “Reno Glow” glow on the back covers of phones in these two colors with a subtle sheen and high-end brilliance, adding: “In addition, the Equipping the “Reno6 Z 5G” phone with durable equipment and high performance capability to improve the user experience.

On the other hand, the same source explained that the launch of the “Reno6 Z 5G” phone once again solidifies OPPO’s commitment to providing consumers in Morocco with technology that suits their lifestyle, whether it is related to providing them with the ability to connect via the fifth generation network (5G), or enabling them to register Video and photo capture like a pro.

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