Volkswagen increases models for car subscription service

Volkswagen increases models for car subscription service
Volkswagen increases models for car subscription service

The financial sector of the German Volkswagen Group intends to increase the new models offered for the car subscription service, so that this service will gradually become one of the important pillars within the sector, along with traditional car leasing and loan financing.

It is noteworthy that within the framework of the car subscription service, the customer can use one or more models, for a monthly fee that includes administrative expenses.

In an interview with the German news agency, the head of the digital services department at “Volkswagen Financial Services”, Stefan Emme, said that the increasing trend towards short-term use of cars instead of owning them has created opportunities in this regard.

These statements come before the start of the auto show in Munich, southern Germany.

“We’ve already noticed that some customers tend to shy away from long-term commitments, and instead are interested in more flexibility and would like to have the ability to change cars more frequently,” said Imh.

It is worth noting that Volkswagen Financial Services, based in Braunschweig, operates within the Volkswagen Group as an additional sales channel for cars, is also heavily involved in new digital projects, and will in the future handle the accounts for the use of self-driving cars. The company also provides insurance, maintenance, refueling and shipping services.

Em pointed to the increasing importance of the charging service, with the increase in the pace of electric mobility, and said that car subscription plans have started in the field of electric mobility as well.

Emh expressed his hope that the car subscription service, as well as the leasing and borrowing service, would provide customers with the opportunity to get acquainted with electric cars, and said that through this service, customers can gather experiences on driving and charging these cars and thus get rid of the alleged obstacles towards transformation. to electric mobility.

Emma pointed out that the world of car trading is dominated by two developments at the moment, “one of which is a kind of use similar to the Netflix service, that is, on demand,” and the other is related to the customer’s desire to experiment before deciding the model he wants to own, and he explained that the car subscription plans, which have a medium period of time. Between the short term and the long term, it fits well with these two trends.

By the end of this year, the central brand Volkswagen is expected to provide between 2,000 and 3,000 cars of the two electric ID3 models. Id4. For this purpose, in addition to other models of the brand, including selected cars powered by a combustion engine, it is also planned to provide cars for this purpose produced by companies owned by the group such as Skoda or Seat.

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