We continue to support our crews in Lebanon

The French secular mission announced in a statement that it will continue to support all employees of its five institutions in Lebanon, in the wake of the economic and monetary crisis that the Lebanese people have been experiencing for several months. The statement stated:

“The five institutions in which the French secular mission assumes full responsibility in Lebanon are preparing to return to school: the French-Lebanese Lycee – Habbush Nabatiyeh, the Greater Beirut Lycee, the French-Lebanese Lycee Nahr Ibrahim, and the French-Lebanese Lycee Alphonse Delamartine – Tripoli.”

He added: “Based on the decision of the Lebanese authorities to reopen secondary schools and public and private schools in attendance at the beginning of the 2021 school year, therefore, all the schools of the secular mission in Lebanon will open their doors to their students as of September 13, 2021.”

The statement concluded: “The mission will continue to support and accompany the cadres and employees of its institutions, after an amount of $250,000 to help them last July, and will work to allocate additional resources for employees for this new academic year, which will be announced and communicated to the relevant parties directly. Arrangements are made to provide the best possible support to employees in their commute to their workplaces.


continue support crews Lebanon

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