Watch PlayerUnknown describes Prologue, its own post-PUBG project

Watch PlayerUnknown describes Prologue, its own post-PUBG project
Watch PlayerUnknown describes Prologue, its own post-PUBG project

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Most common Bbg (where game for peace in China) is already one of the most successful and influential games of all time only four years after its release. Its director, Brendan Green, a former DJ and web designer from Ireland, is credited with launching the entire battle royale genre, inspiring what she now calls firsthand. It is an electronic game. CoD: War ZoneAnd Apex Legends and more.

But he announced last week that he had left the Korean company whose work on seeing battle royale propelled him to fame to build his own studio — and on Thursday night he revealed what he’s doing. Wait for his next project.

It’s called Introduction, and it’ll be a paid tech demo designed to illustrate the kinds of games Greene wants to create next: Thousands of players interact, explore and create, he says.

Green says his new team has created a neural network that can create “huge realistic open worlds at runtime – every time you hit play,” describing it as a “hack,” and the introduction will be “a simple introduction to the first iteration of the technology.”

Here is his full description of the introduction:

You will have to fight your way through a wilderness created with found tools and resources gathered to survive on a journey where inclement weather is your constant enemy. There will be no guide, no path to follow, just a world, a place on the map to get to, and the tools you need to get there.

It’s not yet clear when we should expect the Prologue, but Greene gave an exclusive interview with VentureBeatThis is Takahashi Dean. The live broadcast is supposed to start Saturday at 8:45 a.m., according to the post.

The company that Green left also has a stake in his new company, VentureBeat reports. Krafton (formerly PUBG Corp., and prior to Bluehole Studio) is also working on his next game, a fantastic saga currently known as Project Windless. It’s based on Korean folklore.

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