Awat: “Support Davor”, Ben Gvir: “He is not worthy”

Awat: “Support Davor”, Ben Gvir: “He is not worthy”
Awat: “Support Davor”, Ben Gvir: “He is not worthy”

ONE System | 03/09/2021 16:49

Former goalkeeper Dudu Awat and MK Itamar Ben Gvir are known to express their opinions without any hesitation on social media. Today (Friday) the two reacted to each other on the issue of Mons Dabour and the Israeli team and in this matter there is no agreement between the parties, when Awat came out against the MK’s statement regarding the striker.

The story began when MK Ben Gvir published the article in ONE according to which the team hopes that the issue of Dabour will pass peacefully with Sami Ofer against Austria. Ben Gvir He wrote: “I call on all fans of the Israeli team and everyone who has the Israeli team close to their hearts, to shout contempt for the Mons Dabour player who has to play for the Syrian team. “Once Davor goes out against IDF soldiers, he cannot be and play for the team, he does not deserve to wear the team uniform. Only in the State of Israel does anyone who goes against the state become a legitimate player. Shame.”

Dudu Awat He replied: “Not Itamar, I am light years away from everything that Davor believes in but that is his opinion! “I appreciate people who have their say and are willing to snatch and not hide behind a fictitious account like many here, I call on all the fans of the team to support our team and Mons in this all-important game.”

Ben Gvir did not remain obligated and replied to the former goalkeeper: “Dear uncle. I appreciate you very much and I followed your glorious work in the world of football a bit and that is precisely why I want to correct you! This is not a matter of opinion !!!! “Those who support the attack on IDF soldiers and curse them are not worthy to wear the uniform of the team! Those who identify with the enemy’s side cannot represent me and you.”

“Davor and every player are allowed to think and disagree on political positions, but there is something in this country that unites us all: IDF soldiers. Play a team that curses them and wishes to harm them is on the side of the enemy.”


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