What happened with Al-Attiyah in the third stage?

What happened with Al-Attiyah in the third stage?
What happened with Al-Attiyah in the third stage?

The competition between Feghali, the driver of the “Skoda Fabia Rally 2 Evo” and Al-Attiyah (Volkswagen Polo GTIR5), flared up at the end of the first exhibition stage that was held last night (Friday) in the courtyard of the Lebanese Automobile and Tourism Club organizing the rally, where the “exhibition” prevailed in favor of the latter. Attiyah 0.04 seconds.

With the start of the stages on Saturday, specifically with the second stage, “Ain Aya – Deir Bella”, Roger Feghali was the fastest after 21.40 kilometers, with a time of 13.37.5 minutes, 0.0.9 seconds ahead of his Qatari runner-up, to restore the Lebanese to the top of the general ranking with a total time of 11.49.2 minutes. For 11.50.5 minutes for Al-Attiyah.

However, the third special stage of the speed (26.12 km), which is “Sourat – Dahr Abi Yaghi”, re-shuffled the cards, as Roger was the fastest again, recording 14.19.52 minutes, compared to 14.38.88 for Al-Attiyah, who fell in second place in the general classification by 20.2 seconds. What happened to the Annabi driver that pushed him to delay the stage by 19.3 seconds?

A videotape showed that Al-Attiyah and at one of the corners, his car skidded on the sand and headed straight without leaving the racing track. The engine stopped spinning, which took some time to restart. According to the observers, it seemed that Al-Attiyah lost about 15 seconds due to this stop.

With the writing of these lines, the wheel of competitions will return again with the launch of the fourth stage, which is a repeat of the “Ain Aya” stage, to be followed by a repeat of the “Sour” stage before this day concludes.

On the other hand, the rally witnessed the withdrawal of a citizen and cousin of Al-Attiyah, the former president of the Qatari Federation, Nasser Khalifa Al-Attiyah, in the same place where Nasser suffered from the problem, but Khalifa was not lucky, as his car went off the track and fell into a small valley.

Serge Akiki with his navigator Christophe Akiki withdrew on board the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo8 due to a problem with the turbocharger in the second stage.

On the other hand, the cars of Group “N” are witnessing a strong competition with the veteran duo Roderick Al-Rai and the young Alex Feghali, son of Roger, as he occupies the first place in third place with a total time of 30.09.2 minutes, 1.8 seconds ahead of Feghali, the son.

They are followed in fifth and third place in Group N, but with a difference of 1.00.7 minutes from Alex, the driver, Shadi Fakih. The sixth place in the ranking and first among front-wheel drive cars belongs to the driver Elias Al-Dahni in a Citroen DS3 with a total time of 31.26.2 minutes.

Ranking of the top 11 at the end of the third stage (non-final ranking):

1 Roger Feghali (Lebanon) – Joseph Matar (Lebanon) – Skoda Fabia Rally 2 Evo / 27.57.0 minutes

2- Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyah (Qatar) – Matthew Bommel (Andorra) – Volkswagen Polo GTI R5/28.17.2 d.

3- Roderick Al-Rai (Lebanon) – George Nader (Lebanon) – Evo/9/30.09.2 d.

4- Alex Feghali (Lebanon) – Georges Daibes (Lebanon) – Evo 10/30.11.0 d.

5- Shadi Fakih (Lebanon) – Samer Sfeir (Lebanon) – Evo9/31.11.7 d.

6- Elias Al-Dahni (Lebanon) – Amin Aqel (Lebanon) / Citroen DS3 / 31.26.2 d.

6- Tariq Younes (Lebanon) – Rony Bou Abdo (Lebanon) – Evo 9 / 31.53.7 d.

8- Matthew Raboisson (Lebanon) / Dolen Schlink (Lebanon) / Evo9/32.12.9 d.

9- Mishari Al-Dhafiri (Kuwait) – Nasser Saadoun Al-Kuwari (Qatar) – Evo 10/32.46.4 d.

10 – Ahmed Khaled (Lebanon) – Musa Djeherian (Jordan) – Evo 10/32.56.7 d.

11- David Mezher / Shady Nasr / Citroen DS3 / 33.10.0 d.

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