Saudi news .. The state bears the tax on educational services .. And the arrest of the city harasser

Saudi news .. The state bears the tax on educational services .. And the arrest of the city harasser
Saudi news .. The state bears the tax on educational services .. And the arrest of the city harasser

monitor «Urgent newspaper» most important Saudi newsToday, Saturday, September 4, 2021, including: the state bears the tax on civil educational services for citizens, and the arrest of a harasser of women in one of the public facilities in Medina.

The state bears the tax on private educational services for citizens

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority confirmed that the state bears the value-added tax due on private educational services provided to citizens, which includes the value of school expenses, including the value of textbooks sold by private and international schools that are subject to tax and approved by the Ministry of Education.

The arrest of a female harasser in a public facility in Madinah

Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah police managed to arrest a citizen who harassed women in a public facility.

Registration and application link for civil defense jobs 1443

The General Directorate of Civil Defense clarified that it is possible to register for civil defense jobs through its website via this link «Press here».

Applying the maximum penalties to the largest markets in Taif

The Taif Municipality has applied the municipal sanctions list to its highest limit, on one of the largest food markets, for selling rotten foodstuffs and meat.

16,638 violators of residency, work and border security regulations were arrested

Joint field campaigns to follow up and control violators of the residency, work and border security regulations, which took place in all regions of the Kingdom, during the period from 26/8/2021 to 9/1/2021, resulted in the arrest of (16,638) violators, of whom (5800) are violators of the residency system. and (9383) in violation of the border security system, and (1455) in violation of the labor law.

A gradual and noticeable decrease in temperatures in the coming days

Weather analyst at the National Center of Meteorology, Aqil Al-Aqeel, said that there is moderation in temperatures, as we are in the last quarter of the summer.

Saudi Arabia is second in the world in digital competitiveness within the Group of Twenty countries

The Digital Government Authority stated that the Kingdom ranked second globally among the Group of Twenty countries, in digital competitiveness, according to the (Digital Riser) report for the year 2021 AD.

Agricultural Development Fund: 15 Conditions for Obtaining Operating Loans

The Agricultural Development Fund has identified about 18 conditions for obtaining operating loans for specialized projects for individuals, associations and institutions.

A border guard soldier expects his death and entrusts everyone

Social media circulated a video clip of a border guard soldier who recorded him before his death in a traffic accident, in which everyone was deposited as if he knew his death was imminent.

Al-Harbi expects a map of rain today in some areas in the Kingdom

The meteorologist at the Founder University, Ali Al-Harbi, expected a map of rain today, Saturday, in some regions of the Kingdom, which will be heavier in parts of Jazan, Asir and Makkah.

Riyadh Municipality: Receiving 22,000 communications within a week, with an implementation rate of 77%

The Riyadh Municipality Center (940) announced that it had received more than 22,000 reports in just one week (22-28 August 2021), with an implementation rate of 77%.

Localizing educational jobs.. Providing 28 thousand job opportunities within 3 years

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development began to localize educational jobs in private public education facilities in private schools and international schools, at the beginning of September.

Tawakkalna app clarifies the mechanism of reviewing international travel record data

The Tawakkalna application made it possible to view the data of the international travel record, indicating the details of the first declaration that will appear when arriving in Saudi Arabia upon their entry.

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