“Let Mizrahi lower his nose and say that Zahavi is better than him”

“Let Mizrahi lower his nose and say that Zahavi is better than him”
“Let Mizrahi lower his nose and say that Zahavi is better than him”

Alon Mizrahi, who is unable to pardon Eran Zehavi, who last week became the greatest Israeli football scorer of all time, managed to upset former striker Moshe “Kish” Romano. The latter was himself four times the top scorer of the senior league in Israeli football, and is ranked fourth all-time as the top scorer in the Premier League with 193 goals.

Quiche Romano Says to ONE about Mizrahi and attacks: “Alon Mizrahi, why is he so upset? He thinks he is the top scorer in Israel at all times, what would never score? Did he invent the cracks? “

The former player who played for Shimon Tel Aviv and Betar Tel Aviv continues: “Mizrahi acts as if there were no scorers, so I have news for him, there were scorers before him and there will be scorers after him. Eran Zehavi is a great scorer, in the last decade the best striker in Israel. Mizrahi should be ashamed to say things about Zehavi. What is he so opposed to? He does not want Zahavi to score. An Mizrahi questionnaire will teach Pargan, it does not cost Pargan anything. He and Oded Makhanes would have scored better than him. I scored almost 200 goals in the Premier League, he passed me by several goals, when he played in the best teams with the best players in Israel and took championships. If he continued to play in Bnei Yehuda he He would not have given even half of the goals he scored. “

Romano goes on to say: “Oded Makhanes also played in teams like Maccabi Netanya that won championships, so it was easier for him. I played in small teams, Shimshon Tel Aviv and then Betar Tel Aviv, they were at the bottom, but I was still four times king of goals and scored a lot. If I played in big teams like Alon Mizrahi he would not have had a chance to pass me even if he had Continues to play to this day. ”

Romano is not calm and sends another message to ‘Aircraft’: “So that he does not show off and confuse the mind. He thinks he’s the best in the world, a little modesty won’t hurt him. When he mentions Eran Zehavi, he should smile and say good things. He should take all of Zahavi Eitan’s shoes he scored, put them in his house, brush them and say that Zahavi was better than him and not the other way around. Zahavi invests and gives everything on the field. “

He added: “What does it matter where Zahavi plays, in China, in Israel, in the Netherlands, in the national team. It does not matter where you play and you score. Because if you are not good, you will not have the ability to score, so it does not matter where you play. A good striker scores everywhere, and Zahavi is a real winner, scores with grace, and I suggest to Alon Mizrahi to go to the game with Austria tonight, to encourage Zahavi closely, and we will all be happy with the victory of the Israeli team. “

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