Lake of Dreams.. Explorer Rashid’s landing site on the moon at the end of 2022

Lake of Dreams.. Explorer Rashid’s landing site on the moon at the end of 2022
Lake of Dreams.. Explorer Rashid’s landing site on the moon at the end of 2022

Emirati explorer “Rashid” lands the first Arab mission to the moon in an area that has not been tested by any of the previous lunar exploration missions, where the “Lake of Dreams” area was chosen as a landing site, along with 3 other backup landing sites, while this site is considered safe and offers important scientific value. The Lake of Dreams is located in the northeast of the part of the moon near the Earth, and is characterized by its unique composition, as it was formed from the flow of basalt lava, which gave it a red color.

launch services

The team of the Emirates project to explore the moon, “the first Arab scientific mission”, recently completed assembling and integrating the prototype of the explorer Rashid. The team completed functional tests in the laboratories of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, while preparations are currently underway for the endurance tests that will be conducted in conditions that simulate the space and moon environments. .

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center has signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese commercial space launch company, iSpace, which will provide payload and equipment delivery services for the ambitious Emirati project to explore the moon, and provide the landing vehicle, in addition to providing wire communications and energy during the approaching phase of the moon, and communications After landing, it was decided that the launch site of the explorer Rashid will be from Florida, USA, via the Space X launch rocket by the end of 2022.

hard landing

The landing of the Emirati explorer in an area that has not been tested by any of the previous lunar exploration missions allows providing modern, new and valuable data and images, while the navigator is expected to send at least 1,000 images, including images of landing on the moon, the first surface images, night images of the Earth, and thermal images. , self-portraits, in addition to sending navigation data, which includes flight time, surface terrain data on the lunar surface, inertial measurement unit (IMU) data, temperatures, and energy consumption.

It is expected that the Emirati explorer will face many challenges related to the difficult environment on the surface of the moon, as the moon has a harsher environment than that of Mars, the temperature in it reaches 173 degrees Celsius below zero, while the characteristics of the difficult lunar soil, and the thermal properties of surface structures and other things stand out. Factors that may pose challenges to the explorer’s mission.

The focus of the scientific team of experts and engineers at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center is to develop an explorer capable of overcoming potential obstacles, including the difficulty of landing on the surface of the moon, which is considered one of the most difficult space exploration missions due to the accuracy required for the success of the operation, with a success rate of 45% Just.

technical challenges

Other technical challenges also arise in addition to the moon’s harsh environment, and if the scheduled landing mission succeeds, the Emirati explorer “Rashid” will be the fourth to land on the moon’s surface. Thus, the UAE will join the group of countries that participate in moon exploration missions after the United States of America and the Soviet Union. Previously, China.

For his part, the Emirates project to explore the moon is a pivotal step in order to pave the way for sending future exploration missions with the help of the people of the Emirates and to localize technical technology for space robots. One is responsible for communications, another specializes in engineering and risk management, and another is responsible for thermal and imaging systems.

The moon is an ideal platform for testing new technologies and equipment that will be used in the future in outer space exploration missions, including Mars, as landing on the moon allows testing the exposure of sensors and other technologies to the space environment for long periods, and the explorer will test new technologies on the moon’s surface as it is the optimal environment for such It is also closer to Earth, which will help test the capabilities of the Emirates before embarking on manned exploration missions to Mars.

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