7 signs of high blood sugar

7 signs of high blood sugar
7 signs of high blood sugar

Nutrition experts advise avoiding excessive intake of sugar, and foods containing added sugars, so as not to affect the performance of the immune system, and to avoid many health problems such as liver and heart diseases.

There are signs that indicate a high level of sugar in the blood and appear in the form of health symptoms, reviewed by the “Only My Health” website as follows:

1- Increasing insulin production

High levels of sugar increase insulin production, which results in more belly fat and weight gain.

2- Low energy

High sugar leads to low energy level and nutritional deficiencies.

3- High blood pressure.

High blood sugar, followed by high blood pressure.

4- Mood swings.

High blood sugar results in a bad mood, irritability, and rapid mood swings.

5- The appearance of acne.

Eating sugar in large quantities stimulates the production of androgens and increases the chances of acne breakouts.

6- Arthritis.

Some studies have linked high blood sugar to arthritis in women.

7- Sleep disturbances.

Consuming large amounts of sugar leads to sleep disturbances, as energy levels increase at the time the body needs to rest.

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