Khalifa University team wins Best Company of the Year 2021

Khalifa University team wins Best Company of the Year 2021
Khalifa University team wins Best Company of the Year 2021

Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»
The Khalifa University of Science and Technology announced that a five-member team of chemical engineering graduates has won the University-wide Company of the Year 2021 Award for the idea of ​​a subscription fund company project, which the team named (My Olabty), as part of the pioneering corporate program organized by Injaz. UAE.
The award is part of the 12th edition of the National Companies Program competition, which encourages students to benefit from their pioneering spirit in establishing start-ups. Nearly 200 students from five schools and four universities from all over the Emirates participated in the virtual award to compete in many categories of the competition. .
The university team included Reem Al Maskari, Fatima Al Zaabi, Bishara Saad, Maha Al Sayari and Mariam Ahmed, who won a prize for the “My Box” project, which expresses the idea of ​​the subscription fund company. The “My Box” project, which targets the children’s category, contains many activities that revolve around achievements, Emirati culture and Islamic values, as 10% of the value of each box received by the child is deducted from “My Box” as donations to the Emirates Red Crescent to support students around the world.
For his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shuaibi, Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at the university, said: “Khalifa University’s win in the corporate program organized by INJAZ Emirates, the pioneering Emirates, confirms the excellence of our students not only in research and scientific discoveries, but also in entrepreneurship initiatives aimed at serving the community. Through charities.
The idea of ​​the “My Box” project indicates the extent to which Khalifa University students are keen on the spirit of participation and giving to the community, which is in line with the university’s missions to create an ambitious society that enjoys many diverse services and distinguished individuals by creating an environment that encourages and cares about questions that stimulate innovation, constructive thinking and human values. .
Reem Al Maskari, CEO of Oalbaty Project, said: “Oalbaty project seeks to create an enjoyable monthly subscription fund through useful and entertaining lessons on many diverse topics that contribute to enhancing the passion for learning in children.”
She added: “The idea for the project came after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, as we noticed during the closures that our young siblings spend a lot of time on screens instead of doing useful activities that can enhance their skills and knowledge level, so we decided to create this box filled with unique experiences from Its kind includes many topics and activities that improve the extent to which children use their time in an entertaining and entertaining way, while at the same time providing them with knowledge, experiences and unforgettable childhood memories.”


Khalifa University team wins Company Year

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