Zahrat Al Khaleej – After two years.. Zina Makki returns to Kuwait and fulfills her wish

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The Lebanese singer Zina Makki expressed her great happiness after returning to Kuwait again, after an absence of two years; Because of the conditions that Lebanon has gone through on the one hand, and the precautionary measures taken by some countries to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, on the other hand.
Zina published a set of photos while she was at Kuwait Airport, where her family received her, and commented, “I haven’t seen them for two years.”

Zina Makki also raised the controversy by publishing a picture of her with a child, which she said that she had not seen since 2018, as some believed that it was her child, while others said that it was her little brother. And she posted a video of the child receiving her warmly at the airport, and she hugged him tightly, and commented: “This is the reception at Kuwait Airport.”
Zina Makki had previously expressed her longing to see her father and talk to him, and wished to meet him and share a cup of coffee with him at one of their favorite cafes on the sea in Kuwait.

Zina sent a message to her father, through her page on “Instagram”, in which she said: “What a beautiful conversation with you. I wished that this talk was in one of our favorite cafes on the sea in Kuwait, with a cup of coffee that we share together or two cups. Abu Lip I miss you.”
Zina’s message was greatly influenced by her followers through the social media, wishing her to fulfill all her wishes with her father, who has a relationship with his daughter of love, respect and appreciation, for her ability to overcome her illness, according to his television statements.

Recently, Zina Makki puzzled her fans through the social media, after publishing a “Post”, in which she described her feelings of death, which greatly increased the possibility of her separation from her husband, composer Nabil Khoury, especially after deleting his photos from her personal accounts.


Zahrat Khaleej years Zina Makki returns Kuwait fulfills

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