The Minister of Construction and Housing took part in an operation to renovate public housing apartments

Following the request of the Minister of Construction and Housing, Elkin, to the Minister of Finance, it was agreed to transfer an immediate budget of approximately NIS 20 million for the renovation and occupancy of public housing apartments ahead of the holidays.

This morning, the Minister arrived to give a hand in completing the renovations and to set a mezuzah in an apartment managed by the new Amidar company, in the Neve Ya’akov neighborhood of Jerusalem. A neighborhood to which Minister Elkin has a special connection, since his parents, who immigrated to Israel following him in the early 1990s, have lived there all these years. The apartment is intended for occupancy in the coming days.

At the same time, the director general of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Aviad Friedman And the management of the Ministry of Construction and Housing joined the renovation project in the apartments managed by Amigur in the city of Sderot, during which they cleaned the public spaces, weeded, painted walls and more. This is in a message to all employees of the ministry, to companies that manage public housing and to the general public that the minister and the ministry’s management consider expanding the stock of public housing apartments and a rapid population of families waiting years for an apartment, an issue that is high priority of the ministry.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Construction and Housing has reached an unprecedented agreement with the Ministry of Finance in the upcoming budget, on adding about 5,000 new housing units to the public housing stock. This is in addition to embarking on the extensive renovation campaign ahead of the holidays, for which the ministry has reached an agreement with the Ministry of Finance to immediately advance a budget of about 20 million NIS for a large renovation project that began two and a half weeks ago to accommodate about 300 families waiting for public housing. Existing apartments in public housing that have not been inhabited for a long time due to their poor condition.

This budget transfer is a continuation of the budget summary, according to which in the next two years the ministry will receive approximately NIS 366 million for the renovation and maintenance of public housing.

The renovation is being carried out in apartments that have not been inhabited for some time, since there was no budget for renovations, after three years in which the office was run with a continuous budget, according to which only life-threatening renovations could be carried out.

The purpose of the renovation project is to enable the occupancy of these apartments as quickly as possible and to populate in preparation for or near the Tishrei holidays.

Renovation work has already begun in the field and is being carried out through the firm’s housing companies: the new Amidar, Amigur, Halamish, Shikmona and Shof.

As part of the renovation for repopulation, an apartment is prepared for the absorption of new tenants after the previous tenants leave, the electrical systems, plumbing, kitchen cabinets and aluminum are inspected and as required they are repaired or replaced, the apartment is painted and thoroughly cleaned.

Minister of Construction and Housing, Zeev Elkin: “A roof is a basic need for every person, and when I entered the Ministry of Construction and Housing I set as a goal the promotion in every possible channel of Israeli citizens’ ability to reach housing with a sense of security and dignity. I thank all participants in this renovation that will allow more families waiting to enter. “

Director General of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Aviad Friedman: “It is a national and moral commitment to take care of the underprivileged populations among us. The Ministry of Construction and Housing works for this throughout the year and today also by volunteering in the area itself in order to bring the apartments as early as possible by waiting before the holidays.”

Yair Zilberstein, Chairman of Amidar“At the beginning of a new year, led by the Minister of Housing, Zeev Elkin and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, we are implementing an extensive project to house hundreds of families eligible for public housing in permanent housing.

Acting CEO of Amigur, Erez Shani: ‘A supreme effort has been made with the assistance of the Ministry of Housing and Construction to accelerate the population activity and get as many families as possible to move into their new apartment before the holiday. We are excited to see the mobilization of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and its employees on the issue of promoting the population and improving the external appearance of public housing buildings. This is a new beginning for next year and we hope to continue the momentum on the subject. “

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