The most important reasons why you should stop using Telegram

The most important reasons why you should stop using Telegram
The most important reasons why you should stop using Telegram

(MENAFN – Al Wakeel News) News Agent – Telegram has become one of the most popular fast social media platforms in recent times, and its popularity has increased a lot after the recent WhatsApp crisis.

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This is because many around the world believe that Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp, and it also offers a set of additional features that are not present in WhatsApp.

So, here are the main reasons why you should stop using Telegram:

1- Telegram chats are not encrypted by default

The platform is proud of the fact that all conversations are encrypted from both parties, which means that the conversation starts from your phone and is encrypted and reaches the future and is decrypted in the receiver device such as the Signal application.
2- The platform collects information about contacts
The Platform collects information about your contacts, which includes the phone number as well as the name of the contact.
So when one of your registered contacts starts using the Platform, you will receive an alert.

3- Weak Telegram technical support
You cannot contact a customer service representative or technical support for the platform, because they do not have a dedicated team.
Instead, the platform relies on three main options, where you can contact a volunteer to solve your problem, read the FAQ page, or connect with the platform’s Twitter account.
4- Unclear financing policies
All apps aim to make money and make money through your use of the app, and that’s what a platform like Facebook or Instagram does.
However, the platform does not announce its own financial profit methods, but rather leaves it anonymous.
One of the company’s founders came out saying that Telegram will soon start generating profits, without explaining this method of profit.

Source – The Arab Gateway for Technical News

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