Calling the owner of the collapsed property in ancient Egypt

Calling the owner of the collapsed property in ancient Egypt
Calling the owner of the collapsed property in ancient Egypt

Today, Saturday, the Old Cairo District Prosecution ordered the summons of the owner of the collapsed property, in the case of the injury of 4 workers and separate fractures of the body, in the Abu Al-Saud area, the Old Cairo Police Department.

The Public Prosecution had ordered to inquire about the health status of 4 people who were injured due to the collapse of a property in the Old Cairo area, while they were demolishing the property. She also called on the detectives to quickly investigate the incident to complete the investigations.

During the investigations, the injured confirmed that during their work and demolishing a house in the Abu Al-Saud area, they were surprised that the stones were rushing against them, and the house collapsed before the demolition was completed, which resulted in them suffering fractures and separate wounds, and they fell under the rubble and almost died of suffocation due to difficulty breathing, until they were recovered from Under the rubble.

The start was when the emergency police operations room received a report from the people stating that a residential property had collapsed next to the Abu Al-Saud Youth Center in the Old Cairo area. The Civil Defense forces and ambulances immediately moved to the scene of the incident; On examination, it was found that the property consisted of 4 floors. The property collapsed while these people were carrying out demolition work on the property.

Civilian rescue forces managed to rescue 4 people from under the rubble, and they were taken to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

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