«Sharjah Youth» concludes August programs and launches «Engineers of the Future»

«Sharjah Youth» concludes August programs and launches «Engineers of the Future»
«Sharjah Youth» concludes August programs and launches «Engineers of the Future»

The Sharjah Youth Foundation, affiliated to the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, concluded programs and events last August, which was full of educational programs in various artistic, technical and cultural fields. The “Sharjah Youth” program launched the “Future Engineers – Autonomous Vehicles” program, which includes advanced training workshops to qualify its members and provide them with the skills necessary to produce their own projects using Raspberry Pi chips and programming them.
During the past month, the participants in the “Film Making – Technical Processes” program, presented by Talal Mahmoud, a film maker, learned how to make a film by organizing technical processes in the three stages before, during and after filming, as well as how to choose the appropriate film. For directing, identifying the work team of technicians, devices and equipment required for filming, and the most important post-shoot requirements, which include editing, music and sound effects.
The participants learned the skills of organizing work and the most important cinematic terms and vocabulary in an easy way, through which the trainer relied on simplifying information and concepts, to ensure in-depth understanding of them, and provided the participants with a set of valuable advice and information on shooting angles and types of shots.
In the writing workshop “From Idea to Text”, which was held within the “Sharjah Youth Theater for Dramatic Arts” program, and presented by theater director Wael Al Maghribi, the participants learned about the elements of theatrical text, the difference between story and play, in addition to dialogue and its forms, personality, plot, conflict and how the text is implemented. They were trained on how to search for creative ideas and turn them into a theatrical text, in addition to the method of writing a dialogue between the characters and building the theatrical character, and the “monologue” and the conditions for writing it while applying their acquired skills in practice.
The workshop was held based on the keenness of the “Sharjah Youth” to support the capabilities of young people and qualify them to participate in the writing competition for the theater of youth that it recently launched, and through which it targets talented and creative theater writers from 10 to 35 years old; As part of its keenness to provide an opportunity for them to participate in their creations in texts that discuss the interests of this category, theatrical productions will be received until October 30th.
The participants in the “EV3 Robotics – The Future of Energy” program, presented by Yasser Abdel Muttalib and Ahmed Saad, the science and technology facilitators at “Sharjah Youth”, were trained on the uses of the EV3 virtual program interface tools menu, and the project page characteristics.
The participants in the “Sports Time” program experienced a set of exercises, and enjoyed educational lectures. A group of “Sharjah Youth” and “Sajaya Girls of Sharjah” affiliates participated in a special session within the “Book Club – Read” program, in cooperation with the UAE Council on Books for Young People, with the aim of encouraging young readers to continue reading.
The session was hosted by writer Manal Fahmy Mahgoub to discuss the story of the “Wishing Tree” by Catherine Applegate, through which she tells the story of the “red” tree, on which the people of the neighborhood hang their dreams and hope that one day they will come true. The session provided an opportunity for the affiliates of “Sharjah Youth” and “Sajaya” to express their opinions on the book, including its various expressive and rhetorical images.
The participants in the “Speak to amaze yourself and others” program, presented by Abeer Al-Matrooshi, a self-discovery and talent trainer, were trained on ways to overcome abnormal fear while speaking according to studied scientific foundations, in addition to how to prepare psychologically to influence the self first, the stages of confidence vibration and the skills to overcome it. In addition to the most important tools that help the individual to speak without fear and confusion, and the nature of recitation.


Sharjah Youth concludes August programs launches Engineers Future

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