Why do you see the issue of women taking off a man cruelty?

Why do you see the issue of women taking off a man cruelty?
Why do you see the issue of women taking off a man cruelty?

The star Bilqis was surprised by the view of many that the issue of a woman filing a divorce case against her husband in court is a force and cruelty to her, although this is her right, and the other party, the man, has the right to divorce.

The famous singer revealed some of the scenes of her separation, asking the public to respect her privacy, especially that between her and her ex-husband is a child, “and he is the father of my son and he has all the respect, whether we agree or disagree.”

Belqis added, in her interview with the media, Mona El-Shazly, on the Egyptian “CBC” channel, which was broadcast yesterday, that what prompted her to announce that she had filed a divorce case, is that she and her ex-husband were always with each other, and he was accompanying her, and some asked her, especially from the “media.” When he began to be absent for periods of the reason for this: “One day there was a call between me and a friend of the journalist, and I told him the truth as it is .. As there was a divorce case in the courts and I cannot give you details.”

Is declaring the issue of divorce a slap to any husband? .. A question that Belqis answered: “Why do people see that the issue of the divorce of a six-man man in court is strength and cruelty, even though this is her right, and so is his right to divorce her.” She explained that the separation took place some time ago, and she is coexisting with her situation and life, as well as her ex-husband, “and I am now separated, and the divorce took place through khul’ in court, and the matter ended well.”

Regarding the belief of some that she is a star, and she should not have announced the issue of khul’, she said: “People have become preoccupied with my private life, and I am currently (singel) and a spreader of joy, and I spread sweet energy, and in my joy the whole world rejoiced with me, and who is the person with whom I was associated and married, And there was psychological and emotional stability, and people participated in that.. and the summit of progress is separation in good faith, and dismissal with kindness.

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