Is eating chips for pregnant women harmful to their health?

Is eating chips for pregnant women harmful to their health?
Is eating chips for pregnant women harmful to their health?

Citizen – Mohammed Daoud – Jeddah

Obstetrics and gynecology consultant Dr. Faryal Hashem advised pregnant women to avoid eating chips, as many women during pregnancy tend to eat chips as a snack, and this is unhealthy and does not benefit them, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, ready-made chips contain only 30% of potatoes, while the rest of the ingredients include starch, and artificial additives used to enhance the flavor and length of the chips, and these chips are fried in large quantities at high temperatures in the same oil, which effectively removes the nutrients, and this leads to the unhealthy ingredients sticking to the chips.

Increased cholesterol levels:

She said to Citizen “Pregnant women and when eating large quantities of chips may be exposed to the accumulation of fat in the body, which leads to increased levels of cholesterol and calories and weight gain during pregnancy. Increasing the amount of salt, which paves the way for an imbalance in the ratio of water and mineral levels in the body, which in turn may exacerbate swelling in the legs and increase blood pressure in pregnant women, so pregnant women are advised if they want to eat chips to be prepared at home because the amount of salt is controlled and fat.

The dangers of linoleic acid:

She explained that the study conducted at Griffith University in Australia indicated the danger of containing fried potato chips to linoleic acid, as the results found that when pregnant women eat 3 times the safe amount of linoleic acid, they are exposed to complications in pregnancy, and poor fetal growth, and this may cause problems. In the heart, or it may lead to malformations in the fetus, the researchers explained the results of the study that the increase in linoleic acid in the pregnant woman’s food negatively affects the functions of the mother’s liver, so the liver performs anti-inflammatory reactions that increase uterine contractions, and reduce the body’s production of hormones that help the fetus to the growth.

Healthy and wholesome meals:

Dr. Faryal concluded by saying, there are healthy and useful foods and meals for pregnant women such as dried fruits, popcorn, mixed nuts and seeds, chickpeas, boiled eggs, plain yogurt mixed with fresh fruits, fresh juices, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, pomegranate, black raisins, dates, beets Bananas, oranges, broccoli, lentils, mangoes, all of these foods are important food sources for the pregnant woman and her fetus.

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