The life game of Willy Rotensteiner

The life game of Willy Rotensteiner
The life game of Willy Rotensteiner

Even before Oren Hasson took over as chairman of the Football Association and even after his entry, he made sure to broadcast and say in conversations that he very much disliked the conduct of Willy Rotensteiner who was in those days the technical / professional director of all teams, and promised that the Austrian would have almost no contact with the senior team .

The end is known – not only will Willie “not” touch the senior team, he became the team coach under the auspices of the Football Association captains, and tonight when he will be on the lines with Sami Ofer (21:45) and lead the Israeli team in his derby game against Austria, he will actually rise To the game of his life.

At the time, when Rotensteiner was appointed national team coach he was invited to the search committee, then found himself sitting and waiting outside the room in a way he very much disliked. As one of the senior Israeli football officials said in closed conversations: “Willie did an Israeli football school like no one else has done before. He was appointed coach, which he has wanted since he landed here, receives almost the same salary he earned as a professional manager and works much less, when he has much less responsibility. “

Rotensteiner and the Football Association have been on a collision course for the past two weeks. The Austrian decided to invite Mons Dabour back to the team as we revealed in ONE, and he also told the team striker that he should not apologize for the same post he wrote at the time. Twice the Austrian prevented Dabour from publishing a clarification notice even though everything was already closed to him by members of the Football Association.

As for Rotensteiner, he has red lines and when he feels that they are trying to interfere with him, he knows how to react accordingly. It is not for nothing that he told the German striker Hoffenheim “you do not have to publish, I will explain, I take on the matter”. This led to those in the vicinity of the association saying: “Everywhere else Rotensteiner was already blown away and on his way home on the plane.”

Rotensteiner is said to be around the team: “He is smart, knows how to handle situations, knows how to deal with them in an amazing way. He insisted on bringing Eran Zehavi back to the team after the film affair and justice, he has a net professional truth and he goes with it to the end.”

Rotensteiner has all the way the same method of the three brakes, he has the skeleton of the players he runs with, except for injuries, (like for example of Dor Peretz) that forces him to make changes. There are reviews of it more than once that it is fixed, does not come out of the mold.

Tonight (Saturday, 9:45 p.m.) Rotensteiner will actually stand on the lines of what might be considered the game of his life and show whether he was right in the way he conducted himself. He is the one who pushed for the return of Dabour to the team with all that entails. It is clear that some of the audience tonight is expected to read contempt, the question is how the team and Dabour will deal with this situation, how will this whole story end and how much will it affect?

On the other hand there is the professional interest. Tonight’s loss will end the Israeli team’s World Cup qualifying campaign and also most likely Rotensteiner’s career as a coach at the end of the campaign. A victory for the Israeli national team will help the coach shut up quite a few people, even in Israeli football, but it will also open channels for him to train after he finishes his career as the coach of the Israeli national team.

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