Starting at 1000 EGP| Learn the details of 3 of the Emerald certificates at the Arab African International Bank

The Arab African International Bank offers a number of savings certificates to suit the needs of customers and offers a variety of options to customers without restriction and choose what suits them from the types of certificates and value, if it is preferable to pay the return monthly or quarterly, in addition to providing interest tax-free, and in the next lines we review the details of the certificates As it came:

Certificate advantages:

The certificate is issued in denominations of 1000 pounds and its multiples with a minimum of 5000 pounds.

– Types of return: (fixed return, variable return, fixed and variable return), in addition to being the most diversified in terms of its duration and the most numerous in the periodicity of the return exchange.

Competitive tax-free return.

The freedom to choose the periodicity of interest payment (daily – monthly – quarterly – semi-annual – annual).

-You can issue a credit card (Visa – MasterCard) with a certificate guarantee of a maximum of 97% of its value

– Overdrafts can be secured against the certificate, with a maximum of 90% of its value.

Interest rates on Emerald certificates:

Triple Emerald Certificate 3 years

  • 10.5000% monthly return
  • Quarterly return 10.7500%
  • semi-annual return 10.8750%,
  • The cumulative return for the certificate is 33%.

Emerald quinquennial certificate

  • 10.3750% monthly return.
  • Quarterly return of 10.6250%.
  • Semi-annual return of 10.7500%.
  • Annual return of 10.8750%.
  • The total return for the certificate period is 54%.

Emerald’s Seventh Certificate

  • Monthly return 10.3125%.
  • Quarterly return of 10.5625%.
  • Semi-annual return of 10.6875 percent.
  • The annual return for the 7-year certificate is 10.8125%, so the total return for the certificate is 77%.

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Starting EGP Learn details Emerald certificates Arab African International Bank

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