The Taliban rebels are fighting for their lives

The Taliban rebels are fighting for their lives
The Taliban rebels are fighting for their lives

Fierce fighting is raging today (Saturday) between Taliban forces and insurgents, the northern allies, north of the capital Kabul, in the latest stronghold of opposition to the rule of the extremist organization in Afghanistan.

Amarullah Salah, one of the commanders of the insurgents, an alliance between northern tribesmen who had previously opposed the terrorist organization and the remnants of government forces who fled Kabul to the mountainous and remote area, told the BBC news network that the Taliban had cut off the insurgent valley from telephone and power lines.

In a satellite phone call, the commander denied Taliban reports that they had occupied the three provinces controlled by the rebels. “Our situation is very difficult, but we have no intention of surrendering. The Taliban’s claims are baseless.

The valley, home to 200,000 people, has become a magnet for the loyalists of the Republican government, which collapsed last month as Taliban forces advanced to the capital, Kabul. Among the insurgents is the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, nicknamed the “Lion of Punjis” and who took part in the campaign that overthrew the organization in 2001, but was assassinated by al Qaeda terrorists.

Rebel spokesman Fahim Dashti tweeted on Twitter that the fighters did not intend to surrender. “Afghanistan’s stronghold stands firm,” the spokesman tweeted. Despite the rebellious fighting spirit of the rebels, the Taliban mobilized huge forces to fight the insurgents and they are backed by heavy weapons that the organization has taken loot from the defeated Afghan army.

Videos released by the Taliban show tanks and pieces of equipment taken from the rebels and supporters of the organization began celebrating and shooting in the air across the capital Kabul yesterday. The Taliban has issued a call in mosques to stop the festive fire and instead “thank Allah for the imminent victory.”


Taliban rebels fighting lives

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