An awkward record of Biden falling asleep in the middle of a meeting with Prime Minister Bennett

Network runner: awkward documentation of Biden falling asleep in the middle of a meeting with Prime Minister Bennett. As you may recall, Prime Minister Bennett met yesterday (Friday) with US President Biden, the two discussed the Iranian issue, the provision of a third vaccine dose, and a variety of other issues related to Israel.

Among the things the Prime Minister said to the President: “It was an excellent meeting, especially in private, and it was mainly a working meeting. It felt like we had known each other for a long time. I found a leader who loves Israel, knows exactly what he wants and is also attentive to our needs.

With regard to Iran – both President Biden and we are determined that Iran will never be able to reach nuclear weapons. I am glad that we agree on the goal, and at work levels we will work in the coming days, weeks and months to develop the channels of collaboration. Needless to say – there is not much time, the issue is urgent and does not suffer from delay.

A personal connection is established between us, at the level of picking up the phone to each other when needed. I invited the president to come to Israel after overcoming the delta wave.

I thank the President and his entire staff for their determination to hold the meeting. The president immediately said yesterday ‘we are holding the meeting in full’ and in the end it also got longer. I thank them for their attention and focus while in the midst of a difficult American event. “

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awkward record Biden falling asleep middle meeting Prime Minister Bennett

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