Sharjah Education Council supports the first line of defense

Sharjah Education Council supports the first line of defense
Sharjah Education Council supports the first line of defense

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The Sharjah Education Council supported the efforts of the first line of defense through its nursing cadres, which were qualified to serve the education sectors; This is within the framework of the council’s cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Community Protection by participating in a number of different events and programs over the past period. A series of workshops was launched within the “Super Hero” program for students of public schools in Sharjah, in cooperation with the Diabetes Friends Association of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. The number of participating schools reached 39.

Muhammad Al Mulla, Secretary-General of the Sharjah Education Council, explained that the council, under the guidance of Dr. Saeed Musabah Al Kaabi, Chairman of the Council, was keen to rehabilitate its nursing cadres in the health care department, and to participate remarkably in the first line of defense hand in hand with the Ministry of Health and Community Protection from the beginning of the pandemic to this day. .

He explained: The Council was keen to train 12 nursing staff and qualify them to work in the Epidemiological Investigation Committee of the Preventive Medicine; Where the epidemiological investigation aims to investigate the infected cases and the contacts of students and school workers, and the Council worked in the same framework and within the proactive plans to ensure the readiness of the educational field to receive students and children.

Al-Mulla confirmed that the training plans for the nursing staff were approved during the school holiday and included (health and statistics, in addition to the ethics and principles of the nursing profession); With the aim of training and development by certified trainers from the University of Sharjah and the American Institute for Professional Studies, an introductory workshop will be held on the guideline for healthy nutrition in early childhood centers for workers in government nurseries affiliated with the Sharjah Education Council.

He pointed out that with the reopening of nurseries, the nursery nurse will apply all precautionary measures and measure the temperature of the children during their stay in the nursery, and ensure that nursery workers follow the precautionary measures when dealing with children.


Sharjah Education Council supports line defense

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