Nadine Njeim and her children with the same tattoo: what did they write on their arms?

Nadine Njeim and her children with the same tattoo: what did they write on their arms?
Nadine Njeim and her children with the same tattoo: what did they write on their arms?

The Lebanese star surprised Nadine Nassib Njeim, her followers with a review tattoo A new family put on her hand andher children While enjoying her summer vacation.

Actress Nadine Nassib Njeim, through the short story feature on Instagram, revealed her new tattoo on her hand, which is the name of her two children, Hevin and Giovanni, and commented on the photo by saying, “You are my heartbeat.”

The same tattoo on the arm of Nadine Njeim and her two children, Haven and Giovanni.

The tattoo came in the form of a heartbeat linking the name of her daughter Haven to the name of her son Giovanni, and in the middle is a small heart, and the photo was published via the “Instagram” application while she was in the swimming pool.

As for the surprise, the same tattoo appeared at the hands of both Heaven and Giovanni. Followers suggested that the tattoo would be temporary and disappear after days, and Nadine Njeim attached the picture with the phrase “True love is what brings us together.”

In another photo, Nadine’s hand and the hand of her two sons appeared above the water, with the same tattoo drawn on it, which confirms that it is a temporary drawing of henna and not always on her hand.

And the Lebanese star wrote on the photo, saying: “True love is what brings us together, Haven Giovanni Mami”… She also wrote, “You are the heartbeat.”

Najim had married the Lebanese businessman Hadi Asmar on June 16, 2012.

In March 2013, former Miss Lebanon star Nadine Nassib Njeim and her husband, Lebanese businessman Hadi Asmar, gave birth to their first child, Haven.

Then, in September 2014, the Lebanese actress received the star clubNassib Njeim gave birth to her second child, Giovanni, after a long wait and with great passion. And she announced the news through a tweet, in which she said, “Welcome, my child, Giovanni. I love you, my prince, and I pray that God will protect you for me and be with you always. Your mother, later published pictures of the decorations and a large bouquet of roses that was received by Prince Giovanni, according to what was written on it.

Then, in September 2019, Nadine Nassib Njeim officially announced her separation from her husband, the Lebanese engineer, Hadi Al-Asmar.

Najim tweeted, through her account on the social networking site Twitter, saying, “The decision was not easy for us, and separation is difficult, if what were the reasons, but the ten, respect and the goat went astray, and the most important thing is the sweet fruit of our children… There is no word that expresses my feeling for this moment, but this is what happened.” May God protect us and Hadi and I are friends forever united, thank you for all your messages and as much as you love us.

Two years after the divorce, Nadine Njeim said that her loss of happiness in her married life was the main reason for the decision to divorce after deep thinking and giving more than one opportunity in an attempt to make her marriage successful. There is a limit for leaving the second if he is happy and happy.”

She confirmed that after the separation, not all people can turn into friends, but today she cares more about her children, and she continued, “But today I live for the sake of my children, Heaven and Giovanni… and times when I swallowed the mousse with sacrifice and kept silent about many things for them.”

It is reported that Nadine Njeim is enjoying the success of her new series “Zahra Salon”, which is shown on the “Shahid” platform and co-starring with the Syrian star Moatasem Al-Nahar.

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