Yam Madar on the way to the Belgrade partisan: Zofar Abdia warned him

Yam Madar on the way to the Belgrade partisan: Zofar Abdia warned him
Yam Madar on the way to the Belgrade partisan: Zofar Abdia warned him

He will probably not play in the Boston Celtics next season, but Yam Madar is still about to make a significant leap forward. The captain of Hapoel Tel Aviv in the past year is on the verge of moving to the Belgrade partisan of Zeljko Oberdovic. To understand what to expect at the Serbian club, 103FM’s sports program turned to Zofar Abdia, the father of Danny Abdia who currently serves as the professional manager at Bnei Herzliya and in 1990 came to Israel after a decade as a player at the Red Star Belgrade.

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“If Yam Madar wants to stay in the position he has at Hapoel Tel Aviv, I would certainly recommend him to move abroad,” he said. Abdia His opinion. “Speaking of Partisan, this is no longer the team that had no money and would bring in young and cheap foreigners. Now it’s a partisan with a lot of money, so immediately think of a coach and players ready. It will be harder for Madar because they want to succeed in the immediate term. “Thinking about promoting young people. If you win there – you are God, but if you lose there – I do not suggest you leave the house for a week.”

Asked if he would recommend Madar to sign with the partisan, Abdia replied: “If he has decided and he has the confidence, well done to him. It’s a bigger stage than a hall. For a coach, sometimes it’s scary. If you play 40 minutes or one minute, at Jeliko “You have to behave the same way. If you make a face, X is immediately put on you. First of all you have to teach him curses, that he will understand what he is getting and know how to return. Every second word there is a curse. In games there is no ordinary speech, you get curses and return curses.”

Danny Abdia’s father also referred to the difficulty of playing under Oberdovic: “It’s the sport, if you take the risk you will not know. In the Belgrade partisan you have no one to talk to, no team manager or management there. Only Zeljko – whatever he says, that’s what Let it be. “

As for the chance that a partisan will advance Madar to the NBA, Abdia said: “There are players that suit them. Yam already knows the pressure from Hapoel Tel Aviv. It is true that a derby between Hapoel and Maccabi is a ‘warm-up’ compared to a partisan derby against the Red Star, but if you want to progress under the best coach in Europe, experience the pressure of the fans and play in Europe – this is the place. I do not know how suitable it is for basketball in Serbia and Partizan. Partisan wants to be in the Euroleague next year, and when there is such a goal for which millions have been invested, they will not be interested in Yam Madar or the foreigners they have brought. Just the result. “

Finally, he updated on Danny’s condition: “He’s fine, has been training for two weeks. It would not have been appropriate to send him to the summer league after a long period of time he has not played.”

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