Aspiration: The Israel Police establishes a new crime treatment division in the Arab sector

Aspiration: The Israel Police establishes a new crime treatment division in the Arab sector
Aspiration: The Israel Police establishes a new crime treatment division in the Arab sector

In the presence of the Minister of Internal Security, Amar Bar-Lev, Deputy Minister of Internal Security, Yoav Saglowitz, Commissioner of Police, Superintendent Yaakov (Kobi) Shabtai, Head of the Division, Superintendent Jamal Khachrush, Police Command staff and in the presence of dozens of Arab heads and representatives from the Arab sector. The extended opening ceremony of the “Sif” division and its presentation to the Arab leadership in Israel took place at the Division (the new headquarters of the wing in Kiryat Ata).

The purpose of the division is to formulate ways of action, leadership and direction of police activity and partnership with Arab society to strengthen personal security. The division’s vision is to act in an integrated and professional manner, with uncompromising determination to thwart crime in Arab society for the personal security of the normative Arab citizen and to strengthen trust in the Israel Police.

As part of the realization of the goals of the division and the police, this evening the advisory committee for the police convened for the first time, consisting of a representative of Arab society from local government, education and academia, society and religion. This is a committee that will convene regularly together with the officers of the “Sif” division in order to preserve a dialogue between Arab society and the police and to raise and implement solutions to thwart crime.

During the meeting, letters of appointment were distributed to the participants for their position as representatives of the sector. The Commissioner presented to the Honorable Forum the worldview of the Israel Police for dealing with crime in Arab society and the expected changes: the establishment of the “Sif” division, the establishment of a national division to prevent crime in Arab society. The advisor that will constitute a thinking forum for a joint brain tour of the Arab public and the Israel Police.

Establishment of a special national desk for conflict analysis in Arab society throughout the country. Establishment and strengthening of a digital system in Arabic for information purposes. Police training in Arab society, from kindergartens to high school. Creating a positive encounter of a police officer with an Arab citizen from an early age. Increasing the number of police officers serving and volunteers from the Arab sector. Establishment of four units for economic enforcement (two have already been established) on the assumption that harming the offenders’ pockets is the most painful.

Operating the Border Guard as tactical divisions with special means and capabilities. The Minister of Internal Security, Amar Bar-Lev: “For decades, in fact since the establishment of the state, there has been a built-in inequality between the Jewish sector and the Arab sector. As the years have passed since the establishment of the state, this inequality has increased. It grew mainly about the rapid development of the Jewish sector compared to fixation and often even the fixation of the Arab sector. In other words discrimination.

“The Saif wing, headed by Abu Khaled, is headed by Jamal Khachrush, and you are the advisory committee that will work with arms to make the Arab citizens of Israel feel personally secure in their living space. We must strive for the Arab citizens of Israel to trust and believe in the police, incarceration and firefighting bodies; And that they ensure that the Ministry of Public Works and the bodies and bodies are fair, equal and beneficial to all parts of Israeli society. “

Commissioner of Police, RNC Yaakov (Kobi) Shabtai: “This is a historic status that has a great message for all Israeli citizens, but especially for the Arab citizens of Israel, who in recent years have become hostages in the hands of criminals who make the lives of many citizens a life full of worry and apprehension. , Fear that their son who went shopping would be injured by a stray bullet, fear that their house traveling by train in the village would be hit by an explosive device, fear that their business would be robbed by improvised rifle threats, a real fear for their fate and the fate of their family members.

“The wave of disruptions we went through as a state and as a police force was a national awakening call that requires us to be better prepared for the future, for greater cooperation between the security organizations, the state systems and the local Arab leadership. Broad national mobilization and investment of resources are required.

Today, for the first time in Israel, we are establishing an advisory committee in the Sif Division, consisting of representatives from Arab society in the fields of education, local government, business and religion, a committee that will take an active and significant part in joint action and connection between the police and the Arab public.

“Along with the uncompromising fight against crime, it is clear to all of us that something more is needed, an educational activity that will bring the police together with the Arab youth in Israel, not only in case of emergency or operational activity, but an educational meeting without mediators. The book covers road safety, drug use, alcohol and other issues, as is the case in many places. “

The head of the SIF branch, Jamel Khachrush, said: “Crime in Arab society is not only the problem of the Israeli police but the problem of the State of Israel and the solution lies with all of us, and we are all Arab society. Hence I call on the leaders of Arab society to take part. Partners in the struggle. Let’s change together. We will change the future of the company. We will take care of a better future.

‘I turn to the heads of the authorities, you are the address to the Arab citizen. You are the leadership of Arab society, continue to work together, hand in hand with the station commanders. They will be by your side and together you will do good to the Arab citizen. I turn to those 2.5% who deal with violence in Arab society and say: You are harming the personal security of the normative citizen and in addition the good name of Arab society. Our culture is anti-violence. ‘

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