Noa Tishbi broke up with her partner Ross Hinkel

We’re here if you need a hug. Noa Tishbi and Ross HinkelPhoto: Amir Meiri

After seven and a half years of marriage that includes living together in Los Angeles and having a child together named lion, The Israeli actress and producer Noa Tishbi And her partner Ross Hinkle Farewell. The two decided to unpack the package a little over half a year ago and according to Tishbi, “everything is fine” and we have nothing to worry about (such are we). Tishbi is currently in Israel and will return to her home in the United States in about a week.

Recall that the two met in 2014 and in November of the following year, gave birth to their only son. Tishbi and Hinkel did not get married, and she was previously married to the Australian actor and presenter Andrew Ginsburg For three years.

In recent months, Tishbi alone has served as an information system for an entire country. During Operation Wall Guard, she rallied entirely for Israel: she uploaded viral videos on Instagram for the country, published a book on the history of Israel and the conflict, and returned fire to the American celebs who criticized the government’s conduct.

Does that mean we will see you in Israel more often?Photo: Anat Mossberg


Noa Tishbi broke partner Ross Hinkel

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