Conditions for obtaining “Jubilee Package” tickets at Expo 2020 Dubai

Follow-up – Rana Youssef

The “Expo 2020 Dubai” office stated that it will release tickets for the “Jubilee Package” as part of the celebration of the golden jubilee of the UAE, during the activities of the international event, noting that the package will be available for 10 thousand dirhams.
The office stated, on its website, that the Jubilee package offers many advantages, including the entry card for the “Jubilee” party, and the possibility of entering with five guests, from the express lane to “Expo 2020”, and access to VIP car parking, in addition to “two pins”. 24 karat gold-plated, limited-edition “Jubilee Expo” logo.
The “package” also includes two passports from “Expo 2020” to document the customer’s journey in the 191 international pavilions participating in the exhibition, in addition to exclusive access to the Jubilee Hall, which is supervised by “Emaar” company. The package also includes 4 seasonal tickets for the whole season, and 30 multiple tickets. Entry and 10 one-day tickets, along with guided tours that enable an enriching Expo 2020 experience, with family and friends when receiving 10 vouchers to participate in guided tours throughout the Expo 2020 site.
The package also offers 5 vouchers to see the exhibition, from the top of the “Heavenly Garden” revolving tower. In addition to 6 vouchers for photography, 10 vouchers for valet parking, a VIP parking sticker, a dedicated “concierge” service upon reservation, priority access to events, and discounts on food and beverages at premium outlets.
And he indicated that the package will be available in “Virgin Megastore” stores, on the website of “Expo 2020 Dubai” and directly at Emaar Hospitality Group.

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