Wedding at First Sight: This is why Shani Yosifon’s father was not present at the wedding

In the last episode of the successful matchmaking reality show “Wedding at First Sight” you were exposed to the fourth and new couple who are going to star this season, Shani Yosifon and Danny Ziskind. While the groom’s parents were very involved in the preparations and the wedding and happily attended the exciting evening, the bride’s mother seemed less enthusiastic at first about the exposure in prime time and asked her daughter not to take part in the wedding but quickly realized it was important to her. But you asked yourself where is her father?

In most chapters of the wedding, in case one of the parents did not usually come the participants gave an explanation, as she gave Karin Schneiderman and Omri Krauss But in the last episode that aired, there is no mention at all of Yosifon’s father. In a post she posted on her Instagram account, she asked to thank the new bride for all the love she received and even explained why her father was not present at the wedding.

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Wedding at First Sight, Shani Yosifon, Danny Ziskind (Photo: Liron Saar)

“In my father John, he is a humble and sensitive man (eighty years old this year), and we did not want to burden him, that he would be separated for a long and good life.” But one can breathe a sigh of relief, Ziskind will be able to meet his TV hot that right now, prefers to stay away from the cameras.

Shani Yosifon (Photo: Instagram screenshot)
Shani Yosefon (Photo: Self-portrait, Instagram)Shani Yosefon (Photo: Self-portrait, Instagram)


Wedding Sight Shani Yosifons father present wedding

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