An accused doctor who tried to murder the partner of a doctor who did not respond to him

An accused doctor who tried to murder the partner of a doctor who did not respond to him
An accused doctor who tried to murder the partner of a doctor who did not respond to him

The prosecutor’s office filed an indictment today (Wednesday) against Assaf Karpel, a 37-year-old anesthesiologist, for attempting to murder the partner of a doctor he knew as part of his work as a doctor at a large hospital in the central region. According to the indictment, Karpel tried to woo the doctor who did not respond to his advances, and at one point tried to murder her partner. In addition, he is also charged with the offenses of theft, burglary and invasion of privacy.

According to the indictment, Karpel knew the same doctor as part of his work as a doctor, and a friendship developed between the two. He used to demand near her, follow her, wait for her next to her car, buy her presents and send her many messages and emails in which he detailed to her his love for her and his desire for a friendly or romantic relationship with her.

“One day,” the indictment alleges, “when the two met for the purpose of studying together, the defendant took the opportunity to leave the room where he was staying, took the complainant’s phone and sent her phone pictures of her intimate pictures.” its”.

At one point, according to the indictment, Karpel decided to kill the same doctor’s partner – and for that he stole from her the key to her home, two syringes from the hospital and material “that can kill a person if possible without medical treatment in a hospital and monitoring resuscitation device.”

The indictment continues to unfold the murder attempt case “The defendant inquired about the complainant’s shift dates to find out what dates she is not expected to stay at her home. Entered the building where the complainant lives, equipped with clothing details intended to obscure his identity, as well as holding an electric shocker, a lighter, a medical knife (scalpel), and the syringes with the material. The defendant arrived at the bedroom, where the complainant’s partner was sleeping at the time, attacked him and fired an electric shocker at him, trying to inject him with the material from the syringes. Until he managed to free himself from his grasp, and then the defendant left the place. “

Advocate Adi Carmeli, the defendant’s defense attorney, said: “The indictment was filed today and the defense intends to photograph the materials on which the indictment is based and study them, but it can already be said that my client vigorously denies any intention to harm or kill a person and is sure his innocence will be proven.”

Adv. Adi Carmeli

S., the doctor’s partner, recounted the frightening moments in a conversation with N12: “I felt I was going to die, I realized I was being erased. To this day I am anxious that he will come to hurt us again.” He said that after the attacker left the house, he ran after him and asked, “Why did you do that?”, And the attacker replied, “‘I did it for you, to see that you are able to protect your partner.’

“During the confrontation, my feeling was: ‘You’re going to die,'” S. shares. “I realized that everything I went through was over, everyone I was erased. I sleep and come human. What is the chance that I will live after that? I said to myself: ‘This is, it’s over – this is how you are going to die. “Again, he thinks he did the right thing.”

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