Hospital director: “The vaccine disappears in front of our eyes”

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The director of the Herzog Rehabilitation Medical Center in Jerusalem, Dr. Kobi Habib, is concerned about the rising trend in corona morbidity, and says that the most worrying statistic is that 90% of those hospitalized in the corona ward are vaccinated.

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In an interview with 103FM Radio, Dr. Habib said: “The first class is almost full. Therefore, the decision to open the second department turned out to be very right. In the last two to three days there is a feeling of an increase in the seriously ill. The jump is a significant jump – something that has not happened to us for several weeks. There has been a fairly moderate increase, but that is not the case at the moment. “

He further claimed that “the current wave is very different from the previous wave. At the end of the second wave everything faded, and within 3 days we passed the number of 80 patients, every day we received over 20 patients. There was a significant load in a short time – something did not happen this time.”

“We’ve been a month since the onset of the fourth wave, and hospitals are filling up – but slowly. Most patients are older patients over the age of 70 who came from other medical institutions, but there are also patients in their 50s. Over 90% of patients are vaccinated.”

Statement by Health Minister Horowitz (from Knesset Channel)

On the possibility of a third vaccine, Dr. Habib explained: “A great many of the new infected could have been seriously ill, but did not get to the hospital and remained mild patients thanks to the vaccine – and that is the good news. The less good news is that the vaccine is quite fading in front of our eyes and it becomes less and less effective over time. Therefore, in the emergency situation we are in, I am very much in favor of giving a third dose of vaccine as well. It’s important for me to say – this is not a derogatory word for a third vaccine. “

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In conclusion, he said that “the situation is still under control. The hospitals are far from collapsing, but the situation is getting worse. The infection rate today is above 1.3, which means that if we do not do something right now – the situation will continue to get worse.

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Hospital director vaccine disappears front eyes

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