Oshrat Kotler: “Sorry I decided to get vaccinated”

Happiness Kotler

Photo: Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

For the past year and a half, the State of Israel has been struggling to eradicate the corona plague, but like the rest of the world, the dreaded virus continues to strike. Yesterday, about 950 people were diagnosed with the virus, and the number of serious patients was 89.

Last weekend, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett pointed the finger of blame at those who refused the vaccines, claiming that they were “harming us all.” His remarks caused a great stir, and in response, former journalist Oshrat Kotler posted on Facebook, in which she attacked Bennett for what he said. Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov spoke this morning with Kotler, who responded.

” Vaccines become infected in the corona and others become infected in the corona and also develop a serious illness. So on what exact basis are you suing a million people who are afraid of the vaccine to go get vaccinated? I also got vaccinated, and suffered from a very frightening inflammation of the heart muscle, to this day I suffer from arrhythmias, and impaired thyroid activity.

Like me there are thousands more in the country! The FDA warns of this side effect as well as others that have been discovered in the meantime, so how boldly do you dare to underestimate the concerns of a million people? How impudent are you to make them assigned out of disgust, to people who endanger others? ”, Oshrat Kotler wrote over the weekend.

She said she had watched a speech delivered by Prime Minister Bennett, and admitted: “I was horrified, so far this thing has terrified me. It is a divisive text, Mashasa, with no scientific basis.

I am in contact with scientists, there is a very big controversy among scientists also regarding vaccines and regarding the method by which corona disease should be managed or dealt with. Among the billion vaccinated people around the world, if we can believe the data, one million in Israel (who have not been vaccinated) is a minority, so it lacks rights? “

Later, she sharply criticized Bennett, saying: “Standing prime minister and deflecting against an entire population, saying they are harming your health, are you crazy? There are doctors, very many doctors, 40,000 around the world who say that people who have not been vaccinated do not endanger anyone else. “Flu, okay? It’s very similar. The technique is different but it’s the same thing.”

“The vaccine cost me my health”

Kotler noted that she was vaccinated, but she said “it cost me my health. It was terrible, I went to a cardiologist because I thought I was having an anxiety attack. It was unbearable, very high blood pressure, twice my normal range. “Everywhere. I went for tests and found arrhythmias, changes in the thyroid gland.”

“I stopped believing the Ministry of Health the third or fourth time I received incorrect data from them, I recommend all health reporters to question the Ministry of Health publications,” she said.

Asked if she thought the vaccine saved humanity from the plague, she replied: “I do not know yet. Because all the information at the moment, all the data, is routed by people who are related to the pharma companies. How can I believe the reports and studies of the pharma companies, which are funded by them, and that they “Do they make billions out of it? I really do not know.”

Since the outbreak, 6,458 people have died in Israel. Kotler argued that “the presentation of this story by the media would further the history of media and world politics. If we had shown for 30 years those 2,500 people who die every year from the flu and count every infected person, no one would have left home.”

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