The United States sets a date for allowing entry to foreigners

The United States sets a date for allowing entry to foreigners
The United States sets a date for allowing entry to foreigners

The source stated that lifting this ban will allow foreign tourists to enter, and will allow many to come to the United States to visit their families, after a long period of interruption.

The administration of President Joe Biden said last September that it would adopt a new system that would allow entry to foreigners who present a certificate confirming receiving the vaccination, but the White House did not specify the exact date at the time, and it was sufficient to refer to the beginning of November.

At one point this week, US officials said that those in Canada and Mexico would also be able to cross the land border into the United States, if they were fully vaccinated.

Those wishing to travel to the United States remained confused, with no precise date set for opening the borders to foreign travelers.

According to the criteria of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a person is vaccinated when two weeks have passed since he received the second dose of the “Pfizer” and “Moderna” vaccines, or when the same period passed after taking the single dose of the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine.

In addition, the United States will allow entry to those who received vaccines that obtained an emergency use license from the World Health Organization, such as “AstraZeneca”.

In return, unvaccinated people will be denied entry to the United States, while exemptions will be granted to limited cases, including children.

People who have never been barred from entering the United States, such as commercial drivers and students, will need a certificate of vaccination when they enter the United States, starting next January.

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