UAE announces exit from the “Covid-19” crisis

UAE announces exit from the “Covid-19” crisis
UAE announces exit from the “Covid-19” crisis

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi confirmed that the health situation in the country is safe and reassuring

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, confirmed that life in the UAE has begun to return to normal, adding that the health situation in the country is safe and reassuring. He said, “We came out of the (Covid-19) pandemic safe and sound, and we benefited from this challenge with many lessons and experiences.”
The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi said during a dialogue session held yesterday in the capital: “Today is blessed by seeing these good faces, and I want to assure you of the beginning of the return of life to normal in the country, whether in work, study or the daily habits and practices of society, taking into account the precautionary reasons and taking into account some change in our life behaviours.
He said, “Praise be to God for seeing you after a long period during which we did not meet, and we are very happy to see our family and brothers well.” Which some countries faced great difficulties.
He pointed out that the three factors that contributed to the start of life returning to normal are “the availability of vaccines” and “the continuity of examinations”, in addition to “the availability of some modern treatments” in the UAE and a number of countries in the world, pointing to “the decrease in cases in the country to less than 500”. This bodes well, and it indicates that (Corona) is under control and less dangerous than it was.” And he continued, “Praise be to God for everything. We came out of the crisis with goodness, dignity, safety, health and experiences, despite its difficulty and severity, but we learned a lot from it.” The UAE has so far recorded more than 737.2 thousand cases of infection and 2,107 deaths from the virus, while it has recorded 730.3 thousand cases.
At the end of his speech, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi thanked all the efforts made and exerted by all field and medical teams to control the pandemic, praising the community’s response and cooperation, which had a significant impact in overcoming and reducing risks, according to what was stated in the Emirates News Agency (WAM).

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