Zendaya steals the show on the red carpet

Zendaya steals the show on the red carpet
Zendaya steals the show on the red carpet

What’s going on here? ZendayaPhoto: Gettyimage

The season of ceremonies and events is back in full force after a year and a half of downtime following the Corona virus, and it seems that Hollywood stars, who as mentioned are moving from one glittering event to another, have to reinvent the fashionable wheel every time. Otherwise we have no logical explanation for the dress she wore last night (Wednesday) Zendaya.

Yesterday, the Women’s Awards at the Los Angeles Cinema took place and the one who managed to attract all the attention was the 25-year-old actress, who wore a tight gray maxi dress with gold armor from Loewe’s fashion house. To complete the look, the young star adorned herself with gold and pointed gold earrings Christian Louboutin.

From the side, too, it looks strangePhoto: Gettyimage

Others who came to the ceremony: Gene Smart andHannah Inbinder, The stars of the successful series HACKS who completely matched the outfit at home – a tailored black suit and a buttoned white shirt, Jane Fonda, Karl Clemons-Hopkins, Farrah Abraham, Who apparently felt threatened and that’s the only thing that would justify the spikes she wore on her, Kira Reed And more. And this is exactly the time to vote chic or market.

Feeling threatened? Para Avraham and the SpikesPhoto: Gettyimage

When is the second season? Hannah Inbinder and Gene SmartPhoto: Gettyimage

The punch trio! Inbinder, Smart and Carl Clemons-HopkinsPhoto: Gettyimage


Zendaya steals show red carpet

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