Ministry of Health v. Bennett: “There is no justification for changing policy”

Ministry of Health v. Bennett: “There is no justification for changing policy”
Ministry of Health v. Bennett: “There is no justification for changing policy”

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The Ministry of Health opposes Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s decision to bring forward the exemption program for students in green cities, the News 12 reported tonight (Wednesday to Thursday).

“In order for there to be a medical justification for changing the isolation policy, one has to wait for the pilot results in the education system,” ministry officials said. “Only after the pilot is completed will we be able to learn whether isolation in schools can be waived, and what the consequences will be – and then we can formulate a responsible and considered epidemiological recommendation.”

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As you may recall, the Prime Minister told the joint team of government ministries in the fight against the Corona yesterday that the shortening of student isolation in the green cities should be promoted, in order to make it easier for parents. “Against the background of the success of the fourth wave – when the numbers fall every day – I want to find a solution to bring forward the exemption from isolation for students in green cities as early as next week. Not to wait until October 15 but to present something smart and effective before” Bennett exclaimed. “The principle is simple: tests instead of isolations.”

Bennett noted that he “wants to give peace of mind to parents who can go to work and send their children to school, and end the period of uncertainty. We must on the one hand adapt to the declining morbidity trend, and on the other hand not allow mass infections. There is a delicate balance here.”

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Last night, members of the Ministerial Committee for the Corona Virus confirmed a number of easing of the Green Label guidelines. According to the cabinet’s decision, from next Monday the purple mark will be applied in open spaces in restaurants and indoor swimming pools – instead of the green mark that has applied so far. Open-air attractions (jeep tours, kayaks, etc.) – will operate according to the outline of the purple character starting this coming Friday.

The ministers also announced that due to technical limitations and difficulties among special populations, the existing green mark will also apply at this stage. Enforcement to scan the new green mark in the barcode will begin next Sunday, October 17th. It was further stated that the decision regarding gyms will be made later, until then there has been no change.

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