PM Bennett in Cabinet: “When the virus Retreats – It Must Not Be Recovered”

Corona cabinet ministers are currently discussing a number of issues – including the treatment of the education system and the problem of immunization in the third tranche in the Arab sector. Against the background of the entry into force of the new green label, the Ministry of Health recommended to the Corona Cabinet that if the declining trend in morbidity continues – the green label can be eliminated in gyms, outdoor attractions, pools, museums, libraries and open-air restaurants. The ministry also proposed monitoring the morbidity over the next two weeks to examine the transition to the “green classroom” model in the education system.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke at the opening of the meeting of the Ministerial Committee on the Corona Cabinet (Corona Cabinet): “I am happy to see everyone here after the holidays and happy as always to hear everyone. Friends, the good news When the virus begins to retreat, we must not allow it to recover.

“We need to continue to manage the situation closely, not to send a mask to the public but vice versa. I feel that in recent days the public is beginning to understand the policy that this government has been pursuing, consistently, since the Delta outbreak: Israel is as open as possible Tests, a mass of vaccines and boosters, close and dynamic management of the situation and personal responsibility of the citizens. “

The hospitals are still busy. Photo: Flash 90

“The next and most urgent task in my eyes is to finish as soon as possible with the mass isolations in the schools soon. The children should be in school, not zooming in and not in the isolations that are not necessary. The parents should be able to go to work and families need stability, know what happens with them tomorrow morning.”

Prime Minister Bennett stressed “Therefore, we have seriously studied what is being done in Britain, Germany, the United States. I say here clearly – the mass isolation in the education system should end as soon as possible. We are currently preparing an infrastructure of millions of antigen tests that will allow this. We will follow. After the pilot and the other pilots that started in the last few days, we will make a decision soon. “

“Other things we will discuss – the vaccination campaign in Arab society, where we need to increase the scope of immunization, and that’s where the main problem is right now. In addition, look at the day after, carefully: how this time we get into routine “End of course atmosphere”. What goes – can also come back. “

The Prime Minister has promised that we will also prepare for a variant that does not yet exist, what we call “omega”, or a variant that bypasses the vaccine, which is the worst-case scenario. But even in this situation we as a country do not close the gap, we need to know how to proceed. anything could happen. And of course, we continue to make sure that our warehouses remain full, and that there is a continuous supply of vaccines and medicines. “

The rate of vaccines must be increased. Vaccines, IDF, Archive

In conclusion, he said, “The work is very good. I want to congratulate the people in the health care system who are at the forefront every day, in the hospitals, in the health funds, in the ministry itself, and in general all the people involved from all the various government ministries. “The light at the end of the tunnel. We must not be complacent, we must not let go, and we must now speed up the pace of immunization.”

The discussion will be attended by the Minister of Health, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Internal Security, the Minister of Economy and Industry, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Tourism, the Minister of Construction and Technology, the Minister of Culture and Sports. , Deputy Chief of Staff, Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office, Director General of the Ministry of Health, Director General of the Ministry of Public Health, Director General of the Ministry of Finance, Director General of the Ministry of Education, Director General of the Ministry of Social Equality, Commander The Home Front, the Corona Commissioner, the Corona Commissioner in Arab Society, the Head of Public Health Services in the Ministry of Health, the Budget Officer in the Ministry of Finance, the Chairman of the Local Government Center, the Mayor of Umm al-Fahm, the Chairman of the Appellate Council and the Chairman of the Arab Authority Samia, Chairman of the National Arab Parents’ Committee, Prof. Ran Blitzer, Prof. Eli Waxman, Prof. Eran Segal, Prof. Doron Gazit, Prof. Yinon Ashkenazi, and other professionals.

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