After contracting the virus: the late Rabbi Shlomo Gur

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Tragedy in the city of Petah Tikva upon learning of the death near the Shabbat of the late Rabbi Shlomo Gur, a resident of the Ganei Hadar neighborhood, two weeks after he contracted the corona virus in his 50s.

The deceased repented about forty years ago during his work for the Ezer Mitzion organization, which then had only one branch – in the city of Bnei Brak.

His acquaintances painfully tell Kikar Hashabat that the late R. Shlomo was the one who helped the organization for many years to expand and establish many branches throughout the country, while he took care of the organization’s marketing and financial donations. “

They also say that as part of his job, he had a special connection with the great men of Israel, including Rabbi Grail Steinman Zatzokal and Rabbi Graham Shach Zatzokal.

One of his relatives also says that the late R. Shlomo was a man with great faith in Gd, who saw great importance in the education of the children, who made sure to set times for the Torah every day, without giving up, even after busy working days.

About two weeks ago the deceased contracted the corona virus, and since then his health has deteriorated, until he was hospitalized where he returned his soul to its creator to the chagrin of his wife and family.

At his death he left behind his wife, a daughter of the Jerusalem Laniado family, and nine children, seven of whom were unmarried and now orphaned without a father.

The funeral will take place at 11:00 PM in the Ganei Hadar neighborhood at 12 Minchat Shlomo Street, in the Purple Cemetery in the city.

May his soul be bundled in the bundle of life.

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