Green class pilot fired from isolation? Not for weddings and large events

Green class pilot fired from isolation? Not for weddings and large events
Green class pilot fired from isolation? Not for weddings and large events

The Green Class Pilot grants exemption from isolation only for the benefit of studies and youth movements. The pilot, which expands starting this morning (Sunday) to 300 classes in the education system, is expected to reduce student isolation days. However, in the Ministry of Health, students are exempted from isolation only for the sake of studies and going to school, youth movements, etc. – and not for the sake of participating in large and multi-participant events.

According to the Green Class project, students in a class where a verified patient is found do not go into isolation, but continue to come to school and perform a home antigen test daily. If the result is negative, they can get to school. Every other student who turns out to be blue also stays home, and the rest of his friends keep coming – subject to tests.

There was disagreement among the many factors – the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the national parent leadership. The question was asked why the exemption that the students would receive would be used. The Ministry of Health first sought to determine that the tests for students would not be exempt from isolation after school hours. On the other hand, the parents ‘leadership claimed that this decision undermines the parents’ trust, and would not recommend the parents to cooperate with the national program.

This weekend, a discussion was held with the participation of Corona projector Prof. Salman Zarka, Director General of the Ministry of Education Yigal Slovik and Chairman of the National Parents’ Leadership, Merom Schiff. Finally, it was agreed that as part of the pilot, children would not be required to make unnecessary isolations after school hours, subject to a negative test result. However, students exposed to a verified patient will be restricted from attending multi-participant events, such as weddings and large shows.


Green class pilot fired isolation weddings large events

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