Russian doctor: Corona virus can induce cancer

date of publication:01.10.2021 | 15:30 GMT | the health

Vladimir Pesnia

Russian doctor Alexander Myasnikov

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The Russian doctor and journalist, Alexander Myasnikov, said that the Corona virus, like any other virus, can induce cancer.

Corona virus, like any other virus, can contribute to the development of cancer. This was announced by the doctor and TV presenter, Alexander Myasnikov, in an interview with the Russian website “”.

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The doctor said that although a viral respiratory infection rarely causes cancer, it could theoretically do so.

He added, “The coronavirus is not the human papilloma virus, it is not the Epstein-Barr virus, it is not the herpes virus that can cause cancer, but the virus is a virus.”

And the nutritionist, Mikhail Ginzburg, had previously recommended increasing the consumption of pumpkin, because the substances contained in it impede the emergence of tumor formations.

Source: RIA Novosti

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Russian doctor Corona virus induce cancer

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