The opening of 7 new private schools in Sharjah during the current academic year

The opening of 7 new private schools in Sharjah during the current academic year
The opening of 7 new private schools in Sharjah during the current academic year
The Sharjah Private Education Authority announced the opening of 7 new private schools in the emirate during the current academic year, with varying capacities and a variety of new educational curricula, including the Australian curriculum, which represents a qualitative addition to the educational and educational work system and enhances its knowledge outputs.

The new schools include Darb Al Saada Private School, Victoria International Private School, Mantina American Private School, Al Madinah International Private School, Al Sidra Private School, American Gulf Private School, and Choueifat Sabis International Private School.

Muhadditha Al Hashemi, head of the authority, welcomed the new schools joining the educational system in the emirate due to the stimulating and encouraging environment for launching educational projects, which contributes to increasing and diversifying educational opportunities for students and leads to the achievement of academic outputs of international standards, appreciating the effective efforts of local bodies and authorities that adopt a methodology Its basis is the integration of work to serve the educational sector.

She added that the authority carried out a number of field visits during which it was briefed on the readiness of schools to receive students, especially the “new ones”, their application of the necessary conditions and procedures, and their commitment to the stipulated general standards, the absorptive capacity and the precautionary measures approved by the authority as part of its efforts to confront the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Ensuring a safe learning environment that puts the safety of all parties to the educational system at the forefront of its priorities.

And private schools in the Emirate of Sharjah started their new academic year last Sunday by receiving their students amid a set of preventive measures, precautionary measures and protocols stipulated in the guideline for the mechanisms and methods of confronting the Corona virus in private schools in the emirate.


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